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Lingraphica AAC Device User Success Stories 

Everyone has a story to tell. Hear from Lingraphica device users on how AAC enabled them to share their stories once again. 

Featured Story

Raquel, one of our Spanish-speaking device owners, uses her device to help cook enchiladas!

Man with Primary Progressive Aphasia Finds Hope with A Lingraphica Communication Device

Jack Burnetti

Stroke Survivor Regains His Voice Nearly Two Decades Later

Joe Carriero

Stroke Survivor Finds Freedom and Independence Thanks to Her Lingraphica Communication Device

Ruby Free

Stroke Survivor Uses His Communication Device to Reach His Goals and Help Others

Arthur Goodwin

Stroke Survivor Makes the Speech of a Lifetime with His Communication Device

Joe Greenhouse

Five Years and Counting with a Lingraphica TouchTalk

Karen Hilchey

Stroke Survivor and Husband Find Speech Generating Device to Be Fantastic and Intuitive

Rosanne Knapp

Determined Stroke Survivor Takes on Aphasia with AAC

Michael Mapes

Stroke Survivor Masters Her Communication Device Through Persistence and Practice

Michele Mazzoni

Stroke Survivor Uses Device to Share Stories with Friends and Family

Keith Sopher

How Linda’s TouchTalk Gave Her a Lifeline

Linda S. 

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