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In our course on implementing active listening techniques into aphasia treatment, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) will learn about how to best incorporate listening skills into speech therapy. We’ll explore key aspects, including:

    • three characteristics of a good listener
    • the key role of an Active Constructive Responder
    • action steps to support communication by using active listening skills in speech therapy sessions

Lingraphica’s course “Listen Here: Listening Skills in Assessment and Treatment, for Speech-Language Pathologists” explores the importance of implementing good listening techniques in order to improve diagnostic and clinical skills as SLPs. The course will outline key characteristics of a good listener, including the role communication plays in quality of care. We will also discuss the adverse consequences of communication breakdowns and the unique listening skills necessary when intelligibility is challenging.

We will also provide exercises in listening. We describe listening for surface and latent content, as well as locus of responsibility. We also provide examples in responding. These include active constructive responding, active destructive responding, passive constructive responding, and passive destructive responding.

This course reviews the various techniques of being a good listener. This begins with being a good communicator. We will explore the specifics of this role, including translating professional jargon, recognizing and responding to negative emotions, and subsequently fielding those emotions in ways that benefit both the SLP and the client.

Finally, we will describe the technical skills necessary to constructive listening. In this course, SLPs will explore the differences between quiet and loud skills. They will also learn key elements of emphasizing, clarifying, reflecting, disclosing, and affirming. by taking this course, SLPs will learn to improve their listening skills, which provides benefits to both the SLP’s practice and the clients they treat.

Listen Here: Listening Skills in Assessment and Treatment, for Speech-Language Pathologists

To learn more about incorporating listening skills into speech therapy, watch our free CE course,
“Listen Here: Listening Skills in Assessment and Treatment, for Speech-Language Pathologists.”

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