Lingraphica Success Stories

Lingraphica has helped people improve their communication and quality of life for over thirty years. Here are first-hand accounts from some of those people, their caregivers, and speech-language pathologists on why they chose Lingraphica AAC devices.

AAC Device Users

SLPs and Other Professionals

Joe Carreiro

Stroke Survivor Regains His Voice Nearly Two Decades Later

“The whole process with Lingraphica was so easy. Anytime I had a question, you were there for us. It has completely changed our lives.”

Michael Mapes

Determined Stroke Survivor Takes on Aphasia with AAC

“I’m just so thrilled with my TouchTalk…it has opened a whole new world to me, and I can connect to it finally. I can now talk to people just like everyone else.”

Karen Hilchey

Five Years and Counting with a Lingraphica TouchTalk 

“My device gives me independence that I did not have before. With this device, I am now able to communicate.”

Jacqui Pozzi

An SLP Introduces AAC into Acute Care with Great Success

“I am excited that I found a way to improve my practice by addressing my patients’ immediate communication needs, enhancing their ability to participate in their care, and for me to determine their candidacy for an AAC device.”

Rosemary Watson

SLP Upgrades from Communication Boards to a Lingraphica Device

“Practice is key — Find something you are comfortable with independently. The TouchTalk is great. It is all about independence. It’s got to be simple and the TouchTalk is simple.”

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