SLP Favorite Features of the Lingraphica Devices

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with people with communication impairments and their loved ones to improve communication. What makes our devices so effective are the various options available for users to express their thoughts and emotions.

Features to Personalize Your Device

A Lingraphica device arrives preprogrammed with a number of handy icons, words, and phrases to help users communicate with ease. But we know from experience that each user has different communication goals, which is why the ability to customize a device is so important.

Dual Language Mode

The Census Bureau estimates that more than 41 million people living in the U.S. speak Spanish — 13.5% of the population. Dual Language Mode allows device users to quickly use English and Spanish from the same screen and translate between the two languages on the go. Dual Language Mode makes it easy for English-speaking SLPs to customize a device for Spanish-speaking or bilingual clients thanks to the bulk translate feature.

Web Launcher Icons

Approximately 9 in 10 Americans use the internet in some shape or form. With Web Launcher Icons, Lingraphica device users can interact with the internet in a way that’s conventional yet customized. These functional uses are extensive. Users can link to their favorite restaurant’s menu, local weather, social media accounts, and so much more. It’s simple, easy, and familiar.

Therapy Mode

Most people who require an AAC device will still want to practice their speech and language skills to continue to make improvements. AAC is not something that interferes with rehab and recovery goals. AAC is a path forward to independently practice the words and phrases that are most important to them. Therapy mode allows certain device elements such as labels and images to be temporarily removed to create customized rehabilitation exercises and challenges. This setting empowers clients to independently test themselves and practice what matters to them.

Web Image Icons

Lingraphica devices come with an extensive library of built-in icons that SLPs and device users can choose from. But one simple way to get patient buy-in on the device is to have them play a significant role in icon choice. The Web Image Icon feature allows users to quickly and easily search the internet for images and assign their images of choice to the appropriate icon.

Lingraphica Can Help

Lingraphica offers free one-on-one consultations for SLPs who have someone on caseload who might be a good fit for an AAC device but aren’t entirely sure where to start. Call us at 866-570-8775 or visit the link below to get started.

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