What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. It’s a term that describes the methods, systems, and devices that a person uses to communicate apart from speaking. AAC can support a person with speech and/or language communication challenges.

Augmentative Communication:

A way to add to or supplement speech.

Alternative Communication:

A way to replace speech.

Types of AAC

While AAC is often associated with high-tech devices and systems, the reality is that AAC is often low-tech or even no-tech.

No-Tech AAC Examples:
People around the world rely on no-tech AAC daily and likely don’t even realize it. A wave hello, a thumbs-up, a pointing finger — all AAC.

  • Gestures
  • Expressions
  • Sign language
  • Body language

Low-Tech AAC Examples:
Low-tech (sometimes called light-tech) AAC usually refers to static display tools and can be combined with no-tech AAC to increase comprehension.

  • Photos or illustrations
  • Pen and paper
  • Communication boards

High-Tech AAC Examples:

Digital technologies revolutionized AAC, making dynamic high-tech solutions readily available. These tools are capable of amplifying words and phrases for users to express themselves.

  • Mobile device apps
  • Dedicated AAC devices or speech-generating devices

Who Is AAC For?

AAC — from no-tech through high-tech solutions — can benefit many people who have communication difficulties. When natural speech alone cannot meet a person’s communication needs, AAC can be a potential solution. There are many types of AAC, and no one person is the same.

Trying An AAC Device

If you think that you, a loved one, or a client could benefit from high-tech AAC, Lingraphica can send you a trial device for free. We’ll ship you a device and work alongside you to determine if our device is a good fit. Lingraphica devices are easy to use, covered by Medicare and most insurance, and come with a lifetime of support and training.

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