Stroke Victim Uses Device to Share Stories with Friends and Family

Keith shares stories with his AAC device. Keith is a computer programmer and software developer. He worked for many years as the chief technology officer at his own software development company in Washington, D.C. At one point, he had 30 people working at his company and oversaw numerous international accounts. His company was even noted as one of the best places to work inside the beltway!

Keith’s life changed when he had his stroke nearly six years ago. After spending two weeks unconscious in the hospital, Keith woke up. He was diagnosed with aphasia and underwent an intensive rehabilitation program. Working with doctors, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and clinicians at state-of-the-art medical facilities in Baltimore, he gained the ability to say one or two words at a time.

But Keith needed something more to help him with his speech. Working with an SLP, he received a Lingraphica AllTalk communication device.

Keith Continues to Participate in His Children’s Lives Thanks to His Communication Device

Knowing his love for technology and his desire to converse with his family and friends, his SLP thought the AllTalk would be the perfect fit for Keith. It was! Today, he programs the AllTalk with some of his commonly used phrases and sayings so he can continue to participate in his children’s lives. Keith has even gone so far as to write out speeches for his family’s special occasions.

“Today, I use a lot of different technology,” said Keith. “I have been using the Lingraphica AllTalk device to create stories and messages to share in classes and with my friends and family outside of the center for more than three years. Technology has helped me improve my communication a lot.”

Keith is a member at The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) and frequently participates in the center’s photography, technology, and music classes. Today, he works with a communication partner during one-on-one time at SCALE. He is also an active member of the center’s newsletter, conversation, and writing classes.

Keith loves to converse and hasn’t let aphasia stop him, thanks to his speech communication device.

Lingraphica Can Help

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