Step 1:  Power down the device completely

Step 2:  Connect the joystick to your device.

If you have a TouchTalk or MiniTalk, you will need to use your USB adapter in order to connect – this will connect directly into the charger port.

If you have an AllTalk, you can connect it to the USB port directly.

Step 3: Turn the device on.

Simultaneously press and hold the Yellow and Red Buttons on the Joystick for approx. 30 seconds until you hear a beep.

Step 4 (Optional): Connect the red switch

If you are using the red switch, connect it to the left-hand side of the joystick to begin using. You will now be able to use the switch to make selections on the device and the joystick to navigate the mouse cursor.

Note: If you are unable to navigate your cursor as described, repeat Step 3 and retry.


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